Ironman Pocono Mountains 70.3 Preview

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Ironman Pocono Mountains 70.3 Preview

Having survived Branson 70.3 and feeling ready to leave the land of the Republican and the Mormonites, I headed back to the east coast of the US and to the ‘old’ stomping ground, NYC. In fact, I only spent a night there, but I stayed in my beloved Brooklyn. Whilst not partaking in drug dealing or gang fights, I still made the most of NYC’s finest borough.

On Tuesday I rented a matchbox and headed east. Through Jersey City and the rest of New Jersey, through US customs and across the border into the republic of Pennsylvania. This place gets a bad rap. Having been here for all of three days, the region is spectacular. The landscape, scenery, the people. It’s all worthy of a place that is a ‘must see’ on traveller’s itineraries. My destination was Stroudsburg, at the foot of the ‘Poconos’. This is the playground of NYC’s rich and famous, and during the week, the home of Jersey City’s outcasts (don’t ask!). I was lucky enough to be invited to stay with a family that has now earned the title of “World’s Best Homestay”. Ingrid, Jeff and their family have not just opened their home to me, but also to Ali and Stu Fitch, and Mr Multicultural, Balazs Csoke (he is a mixture of Hungarian, Swiss, and soon to be Texan).

The course here in The Poconos, like Branson, is spectacular. The topography makes it another challenging course, but that defecates all over the excessive amounts of flat and mind numbing courses we have on the circuit.

Here is my preview to Ironman Pocono Mountains 70.3 – with a world exclusive Miley Cyrus/Deadmau5 mix! I have no idea why I used Miley Cyrus, it really doesn’t give this fine region and their people much respect.


Ironman Pocono Mountains 70.3 from John Polson on Vimeo.


2012 : September 23, Ironman 70.3 Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania USA

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  1. Brad
    September 28, 2012

    Johnny you shouldn’t have maimed the squirrel! What a start to the ride – 8kms DOWN! Go get em!

  2. Carls
    September 28, 2012

    Loving the new video blogs and particularly the cameo appearances by the locals! Maybe we could get one from grizzly country sometime?! G.Luck in Pocono Pagogo! Pokey xo

  3. Mum
    September 29, 2012

    For a moment I though you were on the wrong side of the road!
    Lisa wants to know how you do the camera work and ride!
    Miley Cyrus. Sounds pretty good to us.
    Have a good one and show the good old Aussie flag!


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